The goal of peepthis is to:
  • provide useful, community-powered tools for those who are always looking for new art and entertainment to enjoy (no matter how obscure or weird)
  • provide an honest and transparent social platform that always respects its users and that is free from corporate meddling
Why use peepthis when existing streaming and content delivery services already provide recommendations?
Because these services:
  • have a financial interest in funneling you towards media that is the most profitable (e.g. their own original content) rather than the media that you\'re most likely to enjoy
  • have gaps in their libraries for media that they can't or don't want to license
  • actively discourage honest critique and discussion that may hurt profitability
peepthis is a passion project and there is absolutely no desire to compromise it by:
  • attempting to become the next big fatally ambitious startup funded by an investor pyramid scheme
  • ‘driving user engagement’ on behalf of sleazy corporate sponsorships
  • selling user data wholesale to the highest bidding shadowy data analytics firm
  • plastering ugly and intrusive ads and trackers everywhere
We host our own database and intentionally avoid using popular third party APIs so that we won't need to compromise on our mission.
Donations may be solicited at some point in the future to help keep server costs down, but otherwise this web app will not be monetized whatsoever.
If you'd like to help, then please consider taking a few minutes to search your favorite titles and add them to the database if they're missing.
About the creator
This web app was created by
cool dog any time
I'm a hobby developer and I built and maintain this web app in my free time (in addition to my full-time job in an unrelated field).
This web app is powered by Vue.js, Nuxt.js, and Vuetify.js on the frontend and Django REST Framework on the backend.